What needs to be done to combat the global economic crisis?

The catastrophe in the economy, which began in 2008, escalated into a global economic crisis. The detrimental impact on investment and trade is now being felt in many economies that survive on exports. Even close threats of dehydration of economic trade and strengthening of protectionism are also observed at close range. The constant reduction in finance has made greater development support to improve trade more necessary to reduce the negative impact on the world economy, especially in the least developed countries.

It is important to provide trade support in the form of new infrastructure, as well as opportunities for trade-led development to rebuild the future and stabilize the global economy, so that structural modifications and progress can take place in the long run. There are several impressive approaches to trying to resolve the global economic crisis, such as the UN Millennium Development Goals. However, these are excellent standards. They are frightened by the consequences of the economic problem. This will reduce the current funds for these purposes. Goals try to only partially divide poverty. It is of no use. This means that most rich countries do not have the will to move forward politically to achieve motivated goals. For example, they are willing to fill only their banks. It is time for a more necessary set of measures. They need to be thought out well, on a global scale. Today, many countries are paying attention to the basis of the world economic system. The global economic crisis threatens forever. Many smart people put everything in order to withstand the storm and also defeat it to come out triumphant!